Smell-free tee

[Noisome Foo Fighters
T-shirt, Chapter 2]

Kept opening the dryer door and sniffing. The T-shirt seemed smell-free, but just to make sure I put it on and went outside to let it (and me) breathe.

Love this band, love the heart, (25th anniv. edition of One by One, BTW). All’s well — though the package it came in still needs to be dealt with. I may be imagining, but I think I see little odor lines rising from it.

Where did I put all those Covid-era disposable gloves….?

Author: jschensul

I have two passions: animals and words. And I have managed to spend most of my life combining those two lvoes, using words to create awareness, to touch hearts, to help alleviate suffering, and to just make the world a kinder kind of place fdor all living things. I spent more than 30 years as a jo0urnalist at The Bergen Record newspaper, and have t a lifetime een using the power of words to XXX

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